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About The TOMMY Group
Making a Difference in a Time of Massive Change

Our Start, Our Passion, Our Mission

July 2021 marked a historic moment for collegiate athletes as the NCAA finally granted them the right to monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) for commercial promotion. As a result, The TOMMY Group saw an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these talented student-athletes.

Bringing together a dream team of successful entrepreneurs and esteemed USC alumni, The TOMMY Group set out to do what we do best: bring people together. We saw the potential in these young athletes and the value they bring to brands and set out to create win-win partnerships.

The passion that drives The TOMMY Group is a deep love for USC and its athletes. We believe in USC's incredible talent and are committed to securing the best NIL deals for these deserving young men and women.

Disclaimer: University of Southern California (USC) or USC Collegiate Sports are not directly represented by The TOMMY Group.

How We Change College Sports

Imagine a world where collegiate athletes can build their personal brand and take advantage of the limitless opportunities that come with NIL rights, all while staying true to their passions on the field.

The TOMMY Group is on a mission to make this a reality. With the support of over 182 million college football fans, we are connecting talented student-athletes with global brands and local businesses, looking to reach a new audience.

By creating a best-in-class NIL program, The TOMMY Group is bridging the gap between aspiring athletes, brands, and businesses eager to gain exposure within the college football network. By doing so, they aim to provide pathways for young athletes to build their personal brand and unlock new growth opportunities for NIL partners.

NIL Impact Stats

U.S. fans who regularly follow one or more college teams
earned by student athletes in the first 12 months since NIL’s launch
revenue projected in the next 12 months
annual growth of average NIL transaction value
of all NIL activity comes from social media posts, content creation, and brand promotions
of all NIL transactions projected to be brand deals
of all NIL transactions involve football athletes who are dominating NIL
NCAA student-athletes in 2021–2022, an all-time high


Get Involved, Connected or Partner

The Tommy Group has brought together a team of proven players uniquely positioned to unlock NIL opportunities and maximize the value of NIL. Below represents a snapshot of our current offerings.

Endorsement Deals

  • Product placements
  • Long-term partnerships

Commercial Asset Creation

  • Apparel and fan gear
  • Brand collaborations
  • Special fan experiences

Marketing and PR

  • Brand campaigns
  • Multi-media coverage

Original Content

  • Viral shorts
  • Unscripted productions
  • Livestreams and more

Public Appearances and Events Promotion

Press, News & Blog


Introducing The Tommy GroupMeet The Collective Blazing The NIL Trail Through Passion, Prestige and Purpose Who Already Are Working With USC Athletes
Feb 15, 2023

February 15, 2023 (Los Angeles, CA) - Today, in light of the latest NCAA regulation changes allowing collegiate athletes to now sell the rights to their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) for commercial promotion, The TOMMY Group announces its formal debut. The passion-driven, business-minded collective harnesses deep personal ties to the world of college sports and professional expertise spanning a myriad of industries to identify and deliver strategic brand alignments for the next generation of student athletes through ethical NIL deals.

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